1. Cook delicious meals
  2. Cook and freeze food for later
  3. Bake
  4. Eat amazing home cooked food
  5. Drink plenty of water  
  6. Sleep in
  7. Nap in the middle of the day, or the morning, or early evening
  8. Rest as much as possible
  9. Watch TV and movies
  10. Avoid any negative news or stories
  11. Write a blog, a journal, anything…  
  12. Get the nursery ready
  13. Get your baby’s sleeping in room arrangements settled
  14. Even though you want to clean like a mad woman, take it easy
  15. Buy any last minute supplies you still need
  16. Start trolling the internet for good deals on baby supplies (like Amazon Mom)
  17. Finalize your baby name selections
  18. Get started on the baby book
  19. Buy a maternity bra ( or three)
  20. Buy nipple cream and nursing pads
  21. Pack your hospital bag
  22. Exercise (lightly)
  23. Walk as much as possible (to the mail box, around the block)
  24. Spend some time on your birthing ball
  25. Get caught up on your thank you cards
  26. Gather the addresses you will need for birth announcements
  27. Visit with friends and family, or have them visit you at home
  28. Get familiar with the signs of labor
  29. Make sure your husband is familiar with the drive to the hospital
  30. Keep going to all of your doctor’s appointments  
  31. Finalize your birth plan
  32. Do a 1000 piece puzzle
  33. Read for pleasure- nothing related to pregnancy or babies
  34. Get fresh air
  35. Get some more fresh air- it’s good for you and baby!
  36. Paint your finger nails
  37. Get a pedicure
  38. Go to a hair salon and get a cut and a style
  39. Wash the baby clothes you already own
  40. Play with your older children or pets
  41. Do something artistic
  42. Work on an existing hobby (scrapbooking, knitting, etc)
  43. Pick up a new hobby
  44. Practice a foreign language 
  45. Get maternity photos taken
  46. Frame photos that you have wanted to frame
  47. Think about what post-baby meal you want (sushi? deli meat?) and share your thoughts with someone who can get it for you
  48. Try to enjoy the last few days of people asking you “when are you due?”
  49. Enjoy the last few days of having your baby inside you
  50. Be patient, the baby will come when they are ready